• Episode 17

    Straight Buggin' About the Apocalypse We all know that the world's going to come to an end. Might as well be prepared. Come delve into the world of apocalypse prepping with Matt and Joe! Listen now →
  • Episode 16

    Hastily Prepared Ask Reddit Episode After our grand plans fell through for what would have been our magnum opus, we threw this thing together with questions from Reddit. Listen now →
  • Episode 15

    Bad News for Sk8r Bois After a "brief hiatus" Joe and Matt are back! Better*, funnier** and older than ever! Also, conspiracy theories. Listen now →
  • Episode 14

    We're Back! Also, it's Christmas! After an extended vacation that we're blaming on a meandering trip to Toronto, Joe and Matt are back and better* than ever! In this episode we talk The Interview, Christmas movies, and the unequivocal superiority of Home Alone 2 over Home Alone. Listen now →
  • Special No. 2

    Joe and Matt Hit the Road! Part Two Do you like Unnecessary Side Project? Let's put it to the test — come along for part two of a ride to Toronto with this spur of the moment, stream of consciousness special! Listen now →